How Airdale Helps Our Buyers During COVID-19

What if I feel ill during the bidding process or after the auction closes?

We are removing bids from bidders that contact us due to being in isolation for the 14 days or with health concerns. For any bidder that can not attend the pickup, we are asking them to:

  • Send someone else (including a 3rd party shipper if available to you)
  • Support an alternative pickup date (provided the Seller can support)
  • Contact Airdale about other options

What should I be prepared for as I bid with Airdale in this unique environment?

Unique constraints and/or instructions will be documented in the Pickup Information and/or Terms & Conditions tabs within the auction.  Ensure you can abide by these prior to bidding. These may include activities such as hand washing, questioning, and/or another testing (by trained professionals) prior to gaining access to your items at the pickup location (which may include buildings where at-risk populations reside).

Be prepared for all pickup category times to be strictly enforced to support social distancing and the overall health and safety of the Seller, team, and other buyers patiently waiting for their opportunity to get their items.

Why are the sales final?

Airdale Liquidations is a small business, everything that we purchase we buy it “as is”.  About 20% of the merchandise we receive, we can not sell to the public because its condition.  We don’t receive warranty from manufactures like bigger retail stores.

Prior to each purchase, we test the merchandise with the client to ensure they are satisfied with operation of the product and price.

Do you sell merchandise pallets?

About 20 to 30% of the merchandise we purchase is damaged or incomplete, by selling the merchandise individually, clients have the opportunity to inspect and determine the value of the product.  You can still save up to 90% from the face value of the product when you participate on our Online Auctions while having the opportunity to inspect the merchandise and determine its condition and value.

How does the price match work?

We would like to provide our customers with the best deal and if our merchandise is find the product that we are selling somewhere else  at a lower price, we will reduce our price.

First the item must be in the same condition as ours, “NEW” Used excellent or fair condition”

Once we determine that is in the same condition, we will match the price.

If the item is found at a local source, within 50 miles, we will give you an additional 10% off.

If the item is found outside the local area, we will match that price.

Can I apply the 10% Military Discount or other Discount already given by the store to the price match?

The store is willing to give a maximum 15% combined discount to any purchase.

While we are already given 10% discount to local price match, we are adding an additional 5% for Military discount or 5% in place of any other discounts advertised by the store.

Can I cancel or retract a bid?

Once you agreed to the terms and conditions, confirmed and submitted the bid, it cannot be retracted. Because bids are permanent, when you bid you are given a second confirmation that must be agreed to before placing the bid, so you have that opportunity to click cancel. Please review that message before clicking ‘confirm’ as it will verify the amount being bid, and the item the bid is being placed on.

Once a bid is placed we can not allow bids to be retracted as it undermines the fairness of the process for all participants.  We can not contact other bidders for that lot, nor can we remove the bid.

If you have made this error 24 hours before closing, there is a good chance you are going to be outbid  as bidding gets competitive in the last day of closing.  However, we can not guarantee that, and if you do win you will be responsible for that lot- which includes paying for and picking up the lot.

Where is my invoice?

The easiest way is to locate your invoices by logging into your Airdale online account.

In addition, we send out the invoice at the completion of the auction with pick up instructions.  To ensure you get your invoice email, please check your email spam to see if it was delivered there, and add “[email protected]” to the safe sender list.

What are the restrictions on items that can be sold?

This list is subject to change as deemed appropriate.

Maxsold reserves the right to remove any item we deem unsafe, unlawful, unsanitary, unbecoming, or for any reason we find necessary to protect the integrity of our seller, the auction, or the Airdale brand.  Airdale Liquidations typically does not sell the following due to the above reasons:

  • Food / consumables (including alcohol, tobacco, medication, used cosmetics)
  • Dangerous Weapons (including guns, crossbows, etc.), Ammo, Traps, or parts thereof (Nerf, water, cap, paintball are usually okay)
  • Everyday clothing (though there are exceptions such as some furs, leather, unique, etc.)
  • Items related to endangered / hunting license required species (such as furs, ivory, etc) as well as taxidermy, antlers, skulls, bones
  • Regulated items (kids cribs/seats, fireworks, adult content, bio-hazards, mattresses, Technical hardware and software without proper documentation/passwords/etc., etc.)
  • Items not disconnected prior to cataloging for safety (Items connected or related to gas, electric, water, A/C, etc.)
  • Items intended to scam / deceive (counterfeit / fake items, some bullion, etc.)
  • Items representing the opposite of love, equality, and respect for one another (Nazi/Hitler paraphernalia, Black Americana, and other symbols of intolerance)
  • Recalled items

What identification will I be asked to show at pickup?

All buyers must be prepared to show their invoices at pickup (either a printed paper copy or a digital version displayed on a phone, tablet or other mobile devices).

In addition, buyers with invoices over $200 must be prepared to show a photo ID and the credit card used to complete the purchase before items can be released. If you will be unable to attend pickup with these documents, please contact us.

Can I pick up my items at a different time than the stated pick up time?

No, pick-up times are scheduled in advance to meet a sellers deadline. In some instances a seller will be open to providing an alternative time, it is best to assume that this is NOT possible.

Pick-up times are scheduled and posted when the auction opens. Please ensure that you or someone you can send on your behalf will be available to arrange appropriate transportation during the scheduled pick-up time before you bid on an item.

You may also send family member, friend a courier or delivery service to pick it up for you as well. Be sure to give them a copy of the invoice (by email works!) and sign up on the schedule for the time they will arrive.  Put your invoice number and the name of who is attending on your behalf on the sign up list.

Do you offer refunds?

This auction consists of returned merchandise from Major retail stores, new overstock merchandise and used consignment. Is a mixed category of merchandise quality. Is up to you to determine its value. Everything is “SOLD AS IS”, there are no returns, refunds or exchanges.  You must inspect the merchandise prior to biding.

What happens if I fail to pick up my merchandise?

If no arrangements have been made at the conclusion of the auction with Airdale Liquidations and you failed to pick up your merchandise on pick up days and hours.

These is the outcome:

-If no credit card is on file with Maxanet, and  you would like to continue participating in our future auctions you will be required to have one and update it prior to biding in future auctions.

-When you acknowledged or terms and conditions, you agreed to be charged at the conclusion of the auction, the merchandise will be charged and you will loose it if you don’t make pick up arrangements at the conclusion of the auction and we will not make any arrangements after pick days and hours have concluded.